Here are some things that come to mind when I think of working with Audio Productions: Flexible in scheduling studio time, outstanding selection of voice talent, audio techs are professional and provide guidance for the untrained ear.

Wendy Gleaves, Benefit Communications

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Our Story

Our Story

   The year was 1982, Audio Vision was incorporated to produce a nationally syndicated radio program called "The John R. Richbourg Show," starring legendary WLAC blues announcer John R. Richbourg. Unfortunately, the program was short lived. AVI continued in various locations until 1986 when Jim Gilmore and Jim Reyland became partners. They restarted the company under a new name Audio Productions, Inc, operating from the basement of Jim Gilmore's home. The studio quickly grew and within months moved to a location on Music Row.   API president Jim Reyland . . . "In the mid-eighties we had to move out of Jim Gilmore's basement if we were going to be taken seriously; the problem was cash flow, didn't have any. So we made a deal with a Music Row builder to build a studio for us and give us six months free rent (upfront) in exchange for a long-term lease. It was risky business because we didn't have the money, but we bet that six months later we would.  We spent 27 years in that location until we purchased our own building a few blocks away at 914 18th Ave South.  This location offers newer and larger spaces for the next generation of our growing company.”  

   API represents some of the finest voice-over talents in the industry, and full voice-over casting with auditions are available. In addition to computerized libraries that contain thousands of sound effects and music, Audio Productions custom designs SFX.  Not in Nashville? Not a problem. API offers Source Connect, Zephyr and ISDN capabilities, along with phone patch.  Our dizzying array of services includes everything from audio for radio, television and film, to audio books and hundreds of corporate clients recording everything from phone prompts to web based audio files for information and training.   Audio Productions, Inc. is Nashville's finest full service, digital commercial, audio production facility. A facility that contains three state-of-the-art studios operating digital equipment including a 72 input digital console and HD3 Pro Tools DAWS, video projection and 5.1 Surround Sound.