"API provided some of the best ADR we've ever shot."

Martin Bruestle, Producer "The Sopranos"

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API is always willing to go the extra  mile with expertise,  technology and effort!

Audio Restoration - API can restore audio from old vinyl LP's, micro-cassettes or reel-to-reels.  This process is commonly used for removing "pops and clicks" from vinyl LP's or restoring audio that was originally recorded at a low or distorted level. - Click here for complete details!

Reel-to-Reel Transfers - There is no better way to preserve old reel-to-reels than by transferring them to an updated media source.  Audio Productions has the capabilities to transfer reel-to-reels to CD, DAT, Cassette or most any format.

Voice-Over and Script Translations - Spanish, Italian, German, French?!  No matter what language your project requires, Audio Productions can translate your English script into any format!  API can also find the professional talent to voice your project in any language.

Audio Sweetening - This process enhances audio and audio for video or film to a whole new level.  "Sweetening" with stingers, sweeps, hits, bells, whistles, music and more to make all the magic happen.