"When it comes to audio, Audio Productions has it nailed. They have been my resource for years for all things audio. Their professionalism and the high-quality end product they produce keeps me turning to them time and again."

Thomas Nelson

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Audio Services

Music and Sound Effects Libraries

Audio Productions has available for licence, music and sound effects from Killer Tracks, Network and Sound Ideas.  All sounds are search-able via Sound Miner for drag and drop into your Pro Tools session.      

Audio Restoration

API utilizes state-of-the-art iZotop computer technology to restore damaged audio and eliminate unwanted noise.  Call us at 1-800-726-3612 to discuss your project.  

Audio Remote Recording

Audio Productions has more than 35 experience capturing live remote sound. From a small meeting to a world-wide live music broadcast API has been there. For complete details call 1-800-726-3612.

Digital Delivery

API offers a variety of web based FTP for audio and Pro Tools session transfers.  


CD duplication is available in both large and small quantities. Call us for a quote 1-800-726-3612 

ISDN & Digital Patches

Audio Productions has multiple phone patch and Zephyr  ports which allows us to accommodate many locations into a single point. API also offers web based services like, Source Connect and Lucy.

Pro Tools HD3 • Music Trax • SFX

Cutting edge editing systems connected to thousands of computerized music and sound effects libraries ready to drag and drop into your session.

ADR for Film

There are times when it becomes necessary for an actor to replace part or all of his or her originally recorded dialog, due to a change in script and/or an intelligibility problem with lines cut on location or in a studio. This is done through a process called ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement).   This process requires equipment which will allow lip synchronization with by allowing the actor to watch him or herself on screen while repeating the original or replacement lines in a particular area of the script.

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Analog to Digital Transfers

 API Provides a limited number of transfer options.  

Cassette, 1/4 inch, 1/4 track, micro cassette and DAT can all be all be transferred to a variety of digital formats.  Give us a call to discuss your projects. 


Technology Extras

API is always willing to go the extra  mile with expertise,  technology and effort!

Audio Restoration - API can restore audio from old vinyl LP's, micro-cassettes or reel-to-reels.  This process is commonly used for removing "pops and clicks" from vinyl LP's or restoring audio that was originally recorded at a low or distorted level. - Click here for complete details!

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Books on Tape & CD -  from periodicals to short stories to novels.  All digitaly recorded with voice talent introductions and library music included for one flat rate delivered.  

MultiMedia - audio for CD-Roms and interactive kiosk.  Perfect for employee training purposes or as sales techniques.


  • Presentation Audio - audio for power point, video and corporate sales presentations. Try 5.1 surround sound  for exceptional results.
  • Training Projects - audio for  training videos, CD-Roms and interactive programs.  We can also translate projects in several other languages.
  • Voice Mail/On-Hold Systems - on-hold message along with your voice mail prompts.  Grasp your clients while they are waiting!
  • Internet Audio and Web-based Applications - audio for web-based applications. Make your web site sizzle with professional flare.
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems - record IVR prompts, provide the correct file format, and position the final product into any system.

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Commercial Production with Pro Tools HD3

  • World Class Voice Talent & Casting
  • Over 1 Million Sound Effects and Music Beds
  • Award Winning Production Support
  • Digital Distribution to any media outlet anywhere in the world
  • MP3 encoding/decoding and FTP distribution
  • Auditions FREE! Auditions free of charge for any project
  • Not in Nashville? Not a problem. We offer both Zephyr and APT ISDN capabilities, along with phone patch systems in each studio

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