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ADR for Film

There are times when it becomes necessary for an actor to replace part or all of his or her originally recorded dialog, due to a change in script and/or an intelligibility problem with lines cut on location or in a studio. This is done through a process called ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement).   This process requires equipment which will allow lip synchronization with by allowing the actor to watch him or herself on screen while repeating the original or replacement lines in a particular area of the script.

Audio Productions has recorded hundreds of ADR sessions over the past fifteen years.

Audio Productions has the required equipment starting at the top of our signal chain with an Nvision NV5000 sync generator to provide precise video and audio reference signals.   From here, the chain consists of Pro Tools HD3 systems with Sync HD and Avid Mojo video interfaces.

Large screen HD LCD monitors are provided in the voice rooms and control rooms. We can handle any video format from Quick Time files to Digi Beta and Beta SP.

APT X and Telos Zephyr ISDN allow international connectivity, so actors in different cities and even different countries can be on line simultaneously, all watching the same picture, and interacting in real-time.

We provide ultra-quiet Focusrite Red Range Preamps, and industry standard microphones, so you can be assured that your talent will sound their best, and will be matched as closely as possible to the sound of the original dialog.