"Crafting a radio spot that resonates takes creative minds at every level of production. I feel especially fortunate to have Audio Productions as a resource in that regard. Jim, Travis and crew are phenomenally versed in the booth, on the board and with theater of the mind blacksmithery."

Greg Stein - Burgundy Group Advertising

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"Satellite" Radio Tours


“Satellite” Radio Tours: When your artist can’t make it to radio, we bring radio to them!! This service includes scheduling and clearance, onsite production, interview notes and back-ups, digital connections, studio and web cam (optional). Audio Productions provides superb quality and a plethora of added-extras that make our tours unique. The benefit of our in-house clearance and production allows for limitless innovation and cutting-edge technology, provided by the collective expertise of our API staff.

We strive to make the artist-radio interview experience more personal and enjoyable for the artist, station and listeners, and more impactful to ratings. Available across formats, in-studio or remote!

For more information or to book a Satellite Radio Tour, call Lindsay at: 615-321-3612 or email .