"Every time I leave Audio Productions with a finished product, I'm smiling. And not just because the work is good, but because they're so easy to work with and they take such good care of me while I'm there."

Nathan Fleming - red pepper

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"Satellite" Radio Tours


“Satellite” Radio Tours: When your artist can’t make it to radio, we bring radio to them!! This service includes scheduling and clearance, onsite production, interview notes and back-ups, digital connections, studio and web cam (optional). Audio Productions provides superb quality and a plethora of added-extras that make our tours unique. The benefit of our in-house clearance and production allows for limitless innovation and cutting-edge technology, provided by the collective expertise of our API staff.

We strive to make the artist-radio interview experience more personal and enjoyable for the artist, station and listeners, and more impactful to ratings. Available across formats, in-studio or remote!

For more information or to book a Satellite Radio Tour, call Lindsay at: 615-321-3612 or email .